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A protein that specifically binds leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) has been isolated from normal mouse serum by using four successive fractionation steps: chromatography on a LIF affinity matrix, anion-exchange chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography, and preparative native gel electrophoresis. The purified LIF-binding protein (LBP) is a glycoprotein(More)
Dogs were anaesthetised, paralysed and artifically ventilated using ramp inflations triggered by the onset of the 'integrated' phrenic signal. VT was initially adjusted to maintain a constant PaCO2 and the duration of inflation (TI(resp)) was adjusted to match the phrenic TI. With these control values of VT and TI(resp) a variety of experimental manoeuvres(More)
Auditory integration training and a control treatment were provided for 16 children with autism in a crossover experimental design. Measures, blind to treatment order, included parent and teacher ratings of behavior, direct observational recordings, IQ, language, and social/adaptive tests. Significant differences tended to show that the control condition(More)