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  • B M Croll
  • 1990
Selection of the straight emergence profile in designing artificial crowns for teeth has been shown to improve the effectiveness of oral hygiene near the gingival sulcus. The axial profile of teeth can be viewed as a series of straight lines with curved transitions. Reproduction of these geometric patterns facilitates fabrication of restorations that appear(More)
As a growing user population relies on computer graphics as a tool in everyday work, there is increasing interest in the performance of graphics systems. Recent proposals for standard graphics benchmarks demonstrate this interest. This panel discusses some of these proposals and investigates general issues in measuring the performance of graphics systems.(More)
Computer graphics rendering of three dimensional objects is viewed as a three step process: sampling, mapping, and reconstruction. Each component of the rendering pipeline is described in this light. Problems which occur with the implementation of scan conversion and the a-buffer are discussed. A modular program architecture suitable for parallel processing(More)
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