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The fast increasing size of datasets in scientific computing, mechanical engineering, or virtual medicine is quickly exceeding the graphics capabilities of modern computers. Toolkits for the large model visualization address this problem by combining efficient geometric techniques, such as occlusion and visibility culling, mesh reduction, and efficient(More)
Application DirectModel Core Graphics API (OpenGL) System Hardware and Software With HP since 1982, Brian Cripe is a project manager at the HP Corvallis Imaging Operation. He is responsible for DirectModel relationships with developers, Microsoft, and Silicon Graphics. He has worked on the HP ThinkJet and DeskJet printers and the Common Desktop(More)
Until the early 1980s most users interacted with their computers via character-mode interfaces—they typed in commands. What happened to change all this was the arrival of proprietary window systems. HP’s first window system was embedded in the Integral Personal Computer.1 By 1988 the X Window System had been adopted as a standard for machines running the(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetic patients should receive self-management education to improve self-care and quality of life but are frequently unable to attend such programs because of the time commitment. We instituted an intensive 2-hour Diabetes Boot Camp to provide this education in a condensed time frame. The objective was to determine the long-term effect of the(More)
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