Brian Clowers

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The use of a spherical femoral head allograft in conjunction with spherical reaming provides a safe and effective technique for the management of a massive osseous defect in the hindfoot. This technique presents specific advantages over the standard technique of trapezoidal block allograft and joint preparation by way of flat osteotomies, including(More)
An efficient on-line digestion system that reduces the number of sample manipulation steps has been demonstrated for high-throughput proteomics. By incorporating a pressurized sample loop into a liquid chromatography-based separation system, both sample and enzyme (e.g., trypsin) can be simultaneously introduced to produce a complete, yet rapid digestion.(More)
We have designed and implemented a Cray XD 1-based simulation of data capture and signal processing for an advanced Ion Mobility mass spectrometer (Hadamard transform Ion Mobility). Our simulation is a hybrid application that uses both an FPGA component and a CPU-based software component to simulate Ion Mobility mass spectrometry data processing. The FPGA(More)
UNLABELLED Bacteremia is often a serious and recurring problem in children with hemodialysis catheters. We report an outbreak of Enterococcus bacteremia in a pediatric hemodialysis unit occurring from June 1992 to June 1993. During this period, 18 episodes of bacteremia occurred in eight children; 11 infections were polymicrobial. Enterococcus fecalis was(More)
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