Brian Christopher Becker

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Face recognition is becoming a widely used technique to organize and tag photos. Whether searching, viewing, or organizing photos on the web or in personal photo albums, there is a growing demand to index real-world photos by the subjects in them. Even consumer platforms such as Google Picasa, Microsoft Photo Gallery, and social network sites such as(More)
With millions of users and billions of photos, web-scale face recognition is a challenging task that demands speed, accuracy, and scalability. Most current approaches do not address and do not scale well to Internet-sized scenarios such as tagging friends or finding celebrities. Focusing on web-scale face identification, we gather an 800,000 face dataset(More)
The hospital records of 99 children with foreign bodies in the airways (n = 51) or oesophagus (n = 48) were reviewed with respect to occurrence, course of disease and mortality. Childhood death records in Denmark over a ten year period due to asphyxiation by food were surveyed. A third of the patients with oesophageal foreign bodies had respiratory(More)
AIMS To describe the incidence trends, clinical presentation, management and outcome of acute epiglottitis in a Danish population after the introduction of Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine. METHODS Retrospective review of the health records of all patients discharged with a diagnosis of acute epiglottitis from the otolaryngology department, Roskilde(More)
Airway secretions and infections are common in cerebral palsy and neuromuscular diseases. Chest physiotherapy is standard therapy but effort is substantial. High-frequency chest wall oscillation is used in cystic fibrosis but tolerability and safety data in cerebral palsy and neuromuscular disease are limited. A prospective, randomized, controlled trial of(More)
Face Recognition has always been a fascinating research area. It has drawn the attention of many researchers because of its various potential applications such as security systems, entertainment, criminal identification etc. The goal of this paper was to produce a review of the face detection and face recognition literature as comprehensive as possible.
This paper evaluates face recognit real-world application of Facebook usually present results in terms constrained face datasets, it is difficult would work on natural data in a real We present a method to automatically face images from Facebook, resulting i representing over 500 users. From datasets, we evaluate a variety of recognition algorithms (PCA,(More)
This paper presents the design of a totally autonomous vehicle built to compete in the 13th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, IGVC. The vehicle, Calculon, is based on a powered wheelchair and uses a variety of sensors for its navigation and obstacle avoidance including a 3CCD Sony color camera, an outdoor laser range finder, a DGPS, 2 wheel encoders(More)