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Face recognition is becoming a widely used technique to organize and tag photos. Whether searching, viewing, or organizing photos on the web or in personal photo albums, there is a growing demand to index real-world photos by the subjects in them. Even consumer platforms such as Google Picasa, Microsoft Photo Gallery, and social network sites such as(More)
When the middle fossa (MF) approach was introduced in Denmark, we were concerned about the possible risk to the temporal lobe caused by the retraction of the lobe when exposing the internal acoustic meatus. EEG recordings were therefore obtained prospectively before (21 patients) and after MF tumor removal (all 23 patients operated from 1989 to 1997). Only(More)
Postinflammatory, acquired atresia of the external auditory meatus is a relatively rare consequence of chronic otitis media or recurrent external otitis with an annual incidence of 0.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Primary and late results after operative treatment of this condition in 53 ears over 27 years are presented. Perioperative findings are(More)
A prospective, randomized study was carried out comparing the effect of two surgical modalities in the treatment of patients with Meniere's disease: insertion of an endolymphatic sac shunt and insertion of a ventilating tube in the tympanic membrane. A total of 29 patients, 12 males and 17 females, age 27-71 years, were operated on in two ear, nose and(More)
Keywords: Open-universe face recognition Large-scale classification Uncontrolled datasets Sparse representations a b s t r a c t With millions of users and billions of photos, web-scale face recognition is a challenging task that demands speed, accuracy, and scalability. Most current approaches do not address and do not scale well to Internet-sized(More)
The human amnion cell line FL was found to be more tumorigenic than HeLa cells when used as a positive control in heterotransplantation assays. FL cells formed significantly larger locally invasive tumors than HeLa cells in both Balb/c/nu/nu mice and ATG-treated newborn Wistar rats. In addition, FL cells resulted in metastatic growths in the lungs of two of(More)
The data presented in this paper confirm earlier findings that the antithymocyte globulin (ATG) treated newborn Wistar rat is more sensitive than the nude mouse in allowing the metastatic potential of a cell substrate to be displayed. Several human neoplastic cell lines such as HeLa, FL, Hep-2, KB and WiDr cells as well as monkey kidney cell lines such as(More)
This paper evaluates face recognit real-world application of Facebook usually present results in terms constrained face datasets, it is difficult would work on natural data in a real We present a method to automatically face images from Facebook, resulting i representing over 500 users. From datasets, we evaluate a variety of recognition algorithms (PCA,(More)
UNLABELLED At Glostrup Hospital, Copenhagen, exceptionally few stapedectomies were performed during the period 1979-1985. The audiological results five to eleven years after the operation were investigated in 64 patients. About half of the patients were operated using large fenester technique, the other half using small fenester technique. All patients but(More)
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