Brian C. O'Neill

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Relations between demographic change and emissions of the major greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO(2)) have been studied from different perspectives, but most projections of future emissions only partly take demographic influences into account. We review two types of evidence for how CO(2) emissions from the use of fossil fuels are affected by demographic(More)
A network of embedded processors has been used as the platform for a distributed blackboard system, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) technique. A distributed blackboard system called DARBS had been created for a PC-based Linux operating system using the TCP/IP communication protocol. The Nottingham Trent University had developed an embedded(More)
Non-steady state timescales are complicated and their application to specific geophysical systems requires a common theoretical foundation. We first extend reservoir theory by quantifying the difference between turnover time and transit time (or residence time) for time-dependent systems under any mixing conditions. We explicitly demonstrate the errors(More)
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