Brian C Cronk

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Students, faculty, and researchers have become increasingly comfortable with the Internet, and many of them are interested in using the Web to collect data. Few published studies have investigated the differences between Web-based data and data collected with more traditional methods. In order to investigate these potential differences, two important(More)
The current study investigated semantic, repetition, and phonological priming using heterographic homonyms (homophones) as stimuli in a lexical decision task. As in previous research, reliable semantic priming and repetition effects were found In addition, the statistical additivity of these two effects was replicated using homophones as stimuli. Using(More)
The Vision and Change report recommended genuine research experiences for undergraduate biology students. Authentic research improves science education, increases the number of scientifically literate citizens, and encourages students to pursue research. Synthetic biology is well suited for undergraduate research and is a growing area of science. We(More)
There are students of all ages that study with music in the background. So, the purpose of this study was to examine the effects of sound on reading comprehension and short-term memory. 42 high school freshman students consisting of 15 males and 27 females of Penney High School in Hamilton, MO were selected to take a reading comprehension and short-term(More)
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