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The Ami project was a six month Rapid Innovation project sponsored by JISC to explore the Virtual Research Environment space. The project brainstormed with chemists and decided to investigate ways to facilitate monitoring and collection of experimental data.A frequently encountered use-case was identified of how the chemist reaches the end of an experiment,(More)
INTRODUCTION Persistent postconcussive symptoms (PCSs) is the persistence of somatic, cognitive, physical, psychological and/or behavioural changes lasting more than 1 month following concussion. Persistent concussion impacts the quality of life through impaired cognition, memory and attention affecting school performance, mood and social engagement. No(More)
The use of treated municipal wastewater residues (biosolids) as fertilizers is an attractive, inexpensive option for growers and farmers. Various regulatory bodies typically employ indicator organisms (fecal coliforms, E. coli and Salmonella) to assess the adequacy and efficiency of the wastewater treatment process in reducing pathogen loads in the final(More)
Enhanced processing procedures on passive multichannel analysis of surface-waves (MASW) data were utilized to identify velocity anomalies above known salt solution voids in Hutchinson, Kansas, likely caused by the changing stress field due to the migration and/or expansion of the void. Previous geophysical studies within the study area provided information(More)
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