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The development of the functional relationship between the autonomic nerves that regulate secretion and the acini of the gland (SMG) was studied. Electrophysiologic studies indicated that stimulation of the parasympathetic nerves at birth caused the secretion of fluid from the duct system but did not cause protein secretion from the developing acini or(More)
Temporary chemical sympathectomy was accomplished by daily injection of the catecholamine-depleting agent, reserpine, for the first six days of life. The rat pups were then allowed to mature, and their submandibular glands (SMG) sequentially examined by light and electron microscopy. Reserpine retarded SMG development by about two weeks when compared to(More)
A technique for repairing fractured porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations has been presented. Mechanical retention on the coping must be created. The porcelain is beveled, acid etched, and treated with silane. The metal is masked with a mix of unfilled resin and the corresponding shade of porcelain opaque powder. Then, the surface is rebuilt with a(More)
Chronic reserpine (adrenergic blocking) treatment causes a marked accumulation of secretory protein in the rat submandibular gland (SMG) but discharge of this material is delayed in response to isoproterenol stimulation. The purposes of this study were to investigate the effects of chronic reserpine treatment on 1) the number of β-adrenergic receptors, 2)(More)
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