Brian Blasiole

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We have analyzed the functional role of neuronal calcium sensor-1 (Ncs-1) in zebrafish development. We identified two orthologs of the mammalian NCS-1 gene. Full-length cDNAs encoding zebrafish Ncs-1a and Ncs-1b polypeptides were cloned and characterized. Whole-mount in situ hybridization revealed that ncs-1a mRNA was expressed beginning at early(More)
We have investigated the role of Na,K-ATPase genes in zebrafish ear development. Six Na,K-ATPase genes are differentially expressed in the developing zebrafish inner ear. Antisense morpholino knockdown of Na,K-ATPase alpha1a.1 expression blocked formation of otoliths. This effect was phenocopied by treatment of embryos with ouabain, an inhibitor of(More)
We have identified and characterized cDNAs encoding a novel zebrafish Na,K-ATPase alpha subunit. The full-length cDNA encodes a 1,023-amino-acid-long peptide which shows greatest homology to zebrafish alpha1 polypeptides. Radiation hybrid mapping localized the new gene (atp1a1a.5) to linkage group 1 in close proximity to the previously identified cluster of(More)
We have used whole-mount in situ hybridization to analyze Na,K-ATPase alpha and beta subunit gene expression in the developing zebrafish ear. Four alpha1-like (alpha1a.1, alpha1a.2, alpha1a.4, and alpha1a.5) and two beta (beta1a and beta2b) subunit genes are expressed in ear beginning at mid-somitogenesis. Each gene exhibits a distinct spatial and temporal(More)
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