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Given an undirected graph G = (V, E), and a designated vertex q ∈ V, the notion of a G-parking function (with respect to q) was independently developed and studied by various authors, and has recently gained renewed attention. This notion generalizes the classical notion of a parking function associated with the complete graph. In this work, we study(More)
Adult, Charles River CD-1, male mice were housed in an environmental control chamber under strict conditions of controlled light (12D/12L) and temperature. The mice were sacrificed at various times throughout the twenty-four hour clock and their pineals prepared routinely for electron microscopy. The number of dense-cored or granulated vesicles present in(More)
The ability to self-replicate is one of the distinctive features of living organisms. Robots capable of self-replication would have a profound impact on the field of robotics by improving lifetime and robustness. In the past our lab has built several prototypes of self-replicating robotic systems including semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous robots with(More)
The object of this investigation was to determine whether chronic lateral ventricle infusion of a pineal gland-derived antigonadotropic decapeptide (AGD) would affect pulsatile luteinizing hormone (LH) release in conscious, unrestrained male rats. Adult male Harlan SD rats were bilaterally orchiectomized and maintained under conditions of controlled(More)
Magnitude-estimation of sucrose pleasantness and sweetness, and feeding behavior, were investigated in female and male college students. The subjects were individually tested five times over a five-week period. Female test intervals were scheduled to include the menses, pre-ovulatory, and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle. The data were analyzed by(More)
Dysphagia is common in Parkinson's disease (PD) and causes significant morbidity and mortality. PD dysphagia has usually been explained as dysfunction of central motor control, much like other motor symptoms that are characteristic of the disease. However, PD dysphagia does not correlate with severity of motor symptoms nor does it respond to motor(More)
The purpose of the present study was to assess whether the pineal-induced suppression of prolactin (PRL) cell activity in blind-anosmic (BA) rats was possibly mediated via the hypothalamic dopaminergic system. Prepubertal male rats were divided into the following groups: sham-operated (Sham), BA and blind-anosmic-pinealectomized (BAP). Animals from each(More)
This study was designed to examine the effects of short photoperiod (SP) exposure on gonadotropin and PRL levels in the presence and absence of estrogen treatment in ovariectomized LSH/SsLak hamsters. In experiment I, regularly cycling hamsters maintained in long photoperiod (14L:10D) were ovariectomized and Silastic capsules containing 2.0-mm columns of(More)