Brian Benson

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Given an undirected graph G = (V, E), and a designated vertex q ∈ V , the notion of a G-parking function (with respect to q) was independently developed and studied by various authors, and has recently gained renewed attention. This notion generalizes the classical notion of a parking function associated with the complete graph. In this work, we study(More)
Dysphagia is common in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and causes significant morbidity and mortality. PD dysphagia has usually been explained as dysfunction of central motor control, much like other motor symptoms that are characteristic of the disease. However, PD dysphagia does not correlate with severity of motor symptoms nor does it respond to motor(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify causes of dysphonia in performers and compare causes and aspects of treatment of dysphonia in performers and nonperformers. STUDY DESIGN Case-control study. METHODS A chart review of all new patients presenting with a chief complaint of dysphonia over a 1-year period was performed. The prevalence of laryngeal disorders was(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To describe and define laryngeal neuropathy in Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease. STUDY DESIGN/METHODS Retrospective record review from a university laryngology practice. RESULTS Four adult CMT patients presented with laryngeal symptoms. Three patients exhibited bilateral vocal fold palsy, in each case with more severe hypomobility(More)
The ability to self-replicate is one of the distinctive features of living organisms. Robots capable of self-replication would have a profound impact on the field of robotics by improving lifetime and robustness. In the past our lab has built several prototypes of self-replicating robotic systems including semi-autonomous and fully-autonomous robots with(More)
Hydrocarbons are a wide-ranging group of flammable chemicals and are often used in suicide attempts either by ingestion or as an accelerant in self-immolation. In this case study, we present a 37-year-old female who suffered 6% TBSA partial-thickness burns to her perineum and buttocks, which she claims resulted from diarrhea after ingesting a bottle of(More)
Many classical puzzles involve hats. The general setting for these puzzles is a game in which several players are each given a hat to wear. Associated with each hat is either a color or a number. Every player can see the color or number of everyone else’s hat but not his own. The players are then trying to figure out the colors or the numbers on their own(More)
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