Brian Bartman

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An initial study of using two measures to improve the accuracy of evolutionary couplings uncovered from version history is presented. Two measures, namely the age of a pattern and the distance among items within a pattern, are defined and used with the traditional methods for computing evolutionary couplings. The goal is to reduce the number of false(More)
An information retrieval technique, latent semantic indexing (LSI), is used to automatically identify traceability links from system documentation to program source code. The experiment is performed in the TraceLab framework. The solution provides templates and components for building and querying LSI space and datasets (corpora) that can be used as inputs(More)
J Softw Evol Proc 2016; 1–18 Abstract A set of restructurings to systematically normalize selective syntax in C++ is presented. The objective is to convert variations in syntax of specific portions of code into a single form to simplify the construction of large, complex program transformation rules. Current approaches to constructing transformations(More)
A tool and domain specific language for querying source code is introduced and demonstrated. The tool, srcQL, allows for the querying of source code using the syntax of the language to identify patterns within source code documents. srcQL is built upon srcML, a widely used XML representation of source code, to identify the syntactic contexts being queried.(More)
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