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This article describes the preoperative preparation of patients with neuromuscular disorders. These entities are a relatively rare and diverse group of diseases that can affect various organ systems in addition to the central nervous system. The anesthetic implications for the various comorbidities are varied and can be profound. These patients should be(More)
BACKGROUND Metallothionein (MT) proteins play critical roles in the physiological handling of both essential (Cu and Zn) and toxic (Cd) metals. MT expression is regulated by metal-regulatory transcription factor 1 (MTF1). Hence, genetic variation in the MT gene family and MTF1 might influence excretion of these metals. METHODS 321 women were recruited in(More)
Exposure to As, Cd, Pb, and U among older Hispanic adults residing in underserved communities in southern New Mexico was investigated. Personal information was obtained by standardized interview from 188 adults aged 40-85 years. Urinary metal concentrations were measured and compared to results from the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey(More)
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