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2009 was the sixth year for the ImageCLEF medical retrieval task. Participation was strong again with 38 registered research groups. 17 groups submitted runs and thus participated actively in the tasks. The database in 2009 was similar to the one used in 2008, containing scientific articles from two radiology journals, Radiology and Radiographics. The size(More)
The design, synthesis, and unexpected inhibitory activity against S-adenosyl-homocysteine (SAH) hydrolase (SAHase, EC for a series of truncated carbocyclic pyrimidine nucleoside analogues is presented. Of the four nucleosides obtained, 10 was found to be active with a Ki value of 5.0 microM against SAHase.
Investigating reactions of functionalized p-quinone methides continues to advance our design of a reagent being developed for controlled, in situ modification of DNA via phosphodiester alkylation. Previously reported investigations of p-quinone methides derived from catechols allowed for trapping of isolable trialkyl phosphates for characterization and(More)
We present results from Oregon Health & Science University’s participation in the medical retrieval task of ImageCLEF 2009. This year, we focused on improving retrieval performance, especially early precision, in the task of solving medical multimodal queries. These queries contain visual data, given as a set of image-examples, and textual data, provided as(More)
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