Brian B. Roman

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Although the quality and speed of MR images have vastly improved with the development of novel RF coil technologies, the engineering expertise required to implement them is often not available in many animal in vivo MR laboratories. We present here an open birdcage coil design which is easily constructed with basic RF coil expertise and produces high(More)
Genetic variability has a profound effect on the development of cardiac hypertrophy in response to stress. Consequently, using a variety of inbred mouse strains with known genetic profiles may be powerful models for studying the response to cardiovascular stress. To explore this approach we looked at male C57BL/6J and 129/SvJ mice. Hemodynamic analyses of(More)
The mammalian brain and skull develop concurrently in a coordinated manner, consistently producing a brain and skull that fit tightly together. It is common that abnormalities in one are associated with related abnormalities in the other. However, this is not always the case. A complete characterization of the relationship between brain and skull phenotypes(More)
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