Brian Andrews

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The authors reviewed 38 cases of suprasellar meningioma to determine the correlation between tumor site and postoperative visual outcome. Progressive visual loss, the most frequent initial complaint (94.7%), occurred over a mean of 24 1/2 months, was most often unilateral (18 patients) or bilateral but asymmetrical (14 patients), and was severe (20/200(More)
Fluid-percussion models of traumatic brain injury produce injury by rapidly injecting fluid volumes into the epidural space. In the present study, we characterized the physiological, histopathological, and neurological responses in a new model of midline (vertex) fluid-percussion injury of graded severity in the rat. All levels of injury produced transient(More)
BACKGROUND The literature suggests a beneficial effect of motor imagery (MI) if combined with physical practice, but detailed descriptions of MI training session (MITS) elements and temporal parameters are lacking. The aim of this review was to identify the characteristics of a successful MITS and compare these for different disciplines, MI session types,(More)
OBJECTIVE The reported frequency of scleroderma M01-R renal crisis (SRC) in diffuse systemic sclerosis (SSc; scleroderma) is 15-20%. Early use of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors has markedly improved outcome. The present analysis reexamines the prognostic factors for and outcome of SRC in a prospective cohort of patients with early diffuse(More)
We describe eight patients in whom cocaine use was related to stroke and review 39 cases from the literature. Among these 47 patients the mean (+/- SD) age was 32.5 +/- 12.1 years; 76% (34/45) were men. Stroke followed cocaine use by inhalation, intranasal, intravenous, and intramuscular routes. Intracranial aneurysms or arteriovenous malformations were(More)
Ten unfixed human brains were examined under an operating microscope to evaluate the feasibility of reimplanting the parasagittal veins into the superior sagittal sinus. On average, there were 6.5 veins draining the surface of each hemisphere in the anterior frontal region, 3 veins draining each posterior frontal region, 4 veins draining each parietal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate functional impairment in systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients with diffuse cutaneous scleroderma at the time of entry into a trial of a therapeutic intervention (D-penicillamine). METHODS The 20-item Disability Index of the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ-DI) was administered to 134 patients as they entered a multicenter trial of(More)
We present two cases of simple neuroepithelial cyst--one at the cerebellopontine angle and the other in the pontine brain stem--in which a basement membrane was detected. The pathogenesis of these cysts, their diagnosis using computed tomography-metrizamide cisternography and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and their surgical treatment by fenestration(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate minimally important differences (MIDs) in scores for the modified Rodnan Skin Score (mRSS) and Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index (HAQ-DI) in a clinical trial on diffuse systemic sclerosis (SSc). PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS 134 people participated in a 2-year, double-blind, randomised clinical trial comparing efficacy of(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness, compatibility, and long-term operability of a microelectrode array into the median nerve of the left arm of a healthy volunteer, including perception of feedback stimulation and operation of an instrumented prosthetic hand. SETTING The study was carried out from March 14 through June 18, 2002, in England and the United(More)