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Distributed computing environments have evolved from in-house clusters to Grids and now Cloud platforms. We, as others, provide HPC benchmarks results over Amazon EC2 that show a lower performance of Cloud resources compared to private resources., So, it is not yet clear how much of impact Clouds will have in high performance computing (HPC). But hybrid(More)
This paper reports on the design, implementation and benchmarking of a Java version of the Nas Parallel Benchmarks. We first briefly describe the implementation and the performance pitfalls. We then compare the overall performance of the Fortran MPI (PGI) version with a Java implementation using the ProActive middleware for distribution. All Java(More)
About ten years after the Java Grande effort, this paper aims at providing a snapshot of the comparison of Fortran MPI, with Java performance for parallel computing, using the ProActive library. We first analyze some performance details about ProActive behaviors, and then compare its global performance from the MPI library. This comparative is based on the(More)
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