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Satellite imagery is a form of big data that can be harnessed for many social good applications, especially those focusing on rural areas. In this article, we describe the common problem of selecting sites for and planning rural development activities as informed by remote sensing and satellite image analysis. Effective planning in poor rural areas benefits(More)
Naturalistic stimuli evoke highly reliable brain activity across viewers. Here we record neural activity from a group of naive individuals while viewing popular, previously-broadcast television content for which the broad audience response is characterized by social media activity and audience ratings. We find that the level of inter-subject correlation in(More)
Unconditional cash transfers to the extreme poor via mobile telephony represent a radical, new approach to giving. GiveDirectly is a non-governmental organization (NGO) at the vanguard of delivering this proven and effective approach to reducing poverty. In this work, we streamline an important step in the operations of the NGO by developing and deploying a(More)
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