Brian A. Waldron

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The currently available methods for local anaesthetic block of the sciatic nerve are difficult to perform. Here we describe a new and easier technique for the block. The sciatic nerve is approached from the lateral side of the thigh with the patient lying supine and is identified by simple anatomical landmarks with the help of a nerve stimulator. The(More)
In 15 patients anaesthesia for elective Caesarean section was maintained with 50% nitrous oxide in oxygen and a 0.65% halothane supplement. In a further 15 mothers a 0.2% halothane supplement was used. In those mothers receiving 0.65% halothane intermittent measurements were made of maternal arterial halothane concentrations during the uptake and the(More)
Renin and angiotensin II have been measured before and 10 minutes after anaesthesia, in 23 patients undergoing minor gynaecological surgery. Twelve were anaesthetised with ketamine 2 mg/kg i.v. and the remainder with thiopentone 5-10 mg/kg i.v. Arterial blood pressure was monitored automatically throughout. The arterial blood pressure rose significantly in(More)
The Muteh deposit is a major Iranian gold mine that is located in the Sanadaj-Sirjan metallogenic zone. Gold deposition in Muteh has been previously interpreted to be Precambrian in age, but new studies propose the deposits may be younger and of late Eocene age. Therefore, geologic unit ages of and older than late Eocene are likely exploration targets for(More)
Intra-uterine pressure was recorded by placing a Foley catheter in the extra-amniotic space before the termination of pregnancy in 25 patients, and Caesarean section in 12 patients. The effects of administration of i.v. ketamine 2 mg/kg body weight, sodium thiopentone 4 mg/kg body weight and ergometrine 0.5 mg, and intra-cervical 0.5% lignocaine 20 ml were(More)
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