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—A wireless interconnect system which transmits and receives RF signals across a chip using integrated antennas, receivers, and transmitters is proposed and demonstrated. The transmitter consists of a voltage-controlled oscillator, an output amplifier, and an antenna, while the receiver consists of an antenna, a low-noise amplifier, a frequency divider, and(More)
Five compact millimeter-wave 900 and 1800 distributed couplers are realized in the back-end-of-the-line of a 0.13gm SiGe BiCMOS technology. Lange couplers smaller than 160 gm on a side have been implemented showing-4 dB through,-5 dB coupling, 14 dB return loss, and 15 dB isolation for 60-and 77-GHz versions. Ring hybrids with phase-inverters have been(More)
—A phased-array transmitter (TX) for multi-Gb/s non-line-of-sight links in the four frequency channels of the IEEE 802.15.3c standard (58.32 to 64.8 GHz) is fully integrated in a 0.12-m SiGe BiCMOS process. It consists of an up-conversion core followed by a 1:16 power distribution tree, 16 phase-shifting front-ends, and a digital control unit. The TX core(More)
A prototype design of a 2.7 V, 14.5 mA SiGe direct-conversion receiver IC for use in 3G WCDMA mobile cellular systems has been completed and measured. The design includes a bypassable LNA, a quadrature downconverter, and variable gain baseband amplifiers integrated on chip. The static sensitivity performance of the receiver IC is characterized using a(More)
— A feature-rich second-generation 60-GHz transceiver chipset is introduced. It integrates dual-conversion superheterodyne receiver and transmitter chains, a sub-integer frequency synthesizer, full programmability from a digital interface, modulator and demodulator circuits to support analog modulations (e.g. MSK, BPSK), as well as a universal I&Q interface(More)