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The Amazon rain forest may undergo significant change in response to future climate change. To determine the likelihood and causes of such changes, the authors analyzed the output of 24 models from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and a dynamic vegetation model, Vegetation–Global–Atmosphere–Soil (VEGAS),(More)
Thermal adaptation of gross primary production and ecosystem respiration has been well documented over broad thermal gradients. However, no study has examined their interaction as a function of temperature, i.e. the thermal responses of net ecosystem exchange of carbon (NEE). In this study, we constructed temperature response curves of NEE against(More)
OBJECTIVE To report on a trial of adding amisulpride to clozapine. METHODS Description of six cases. RESULTS Six patients who had been on clozapine were commenced on amisulpride. All patients had had unwanted effects with clozapine, particularly sedation, hypersalivation, or weight gain. Five patients reported a high level of satisfaction with the(More)
The yield of neutrons produced by cosmic ray muons at a shallow depth of 32 meters of water equivalent has been measured. The Palo Verde neutrino detector, containing 11.3 tons of Gd loaded liquid scintillator and 3.5 tons of acrylic served as a target. The rate of one and two neutron captures was determined. Modeling the neutron capture efficiency allowed(More)
The long-standing solar neutrino deecit and the anomaly in the ratio of electron to muon neutrinos, found for neutrinos generated in the atmosphere, are intriguing hints at the existence of nite neutrino masses and avor mixing. Our collaboration is preparing a low energy long baseline-oscillation experiment, to test the latter phenomenon. A 12 ton(More)
  • Asaph Hall, W. H. Dall, +4 authors W. J. Meyers
  • 2005
of the bobolink in the ricefields of the south; F. A. Lucas, On the os promiinens in birds. and the tree; Professor Chittenden, Absorption and distribution of poisons in acute and chronic cases. Boston society of natural history. from domestic and wild potato; W. J. Meyers, The manufacture of buttons from vegetable ivory, Harry Thurtell, Comparative anatomy(More)
Brief extracts from this publication may be reproduced provided the source is fully acknowledged. Translation Service If you would like this leaflet in a different language, large print or Braille (English only), or would like information on how it can be translated into your community language, please phone 0131 275 6665. 2.2 Care bundles are in place: (a)(More)
Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Full Screen / Esc This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Earth System Dynamics (ESD). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in ESD if available. Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Some recent climate(More)
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