Brian A. Cherinka

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We introduce a web-based computing infrastructure to assist the visual integration, mining and interactive navigation of large-scale astronomy observations. Following an analysis of the application domain, we design a client-server architecture to fetch distributed image data and to partition local data into a spatial index structure that allows(More)
The chance projection of the disk of Mrk 1456 onto a background QSO is similar to the case of SBS 1543+593/HS 1543+5921. Mrk 1456 is a luminous, late-type spiral at z ≈ 0.05. Though the QSO, SDSS J114719.90+522923.2 at z ≈ 2, has not yet been observed with ultraviolet spectroscopy, it shows strong Ca II absorption at the redshift of Mrk 1456 which gives(More)
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