Brian A. Campbell

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Multiple genetically and antigenically distinct hemagglutinin genes of the H1 and H3 influenza A virus (IAV) subtypes co-circulate in North American swine. This diversity has evolved by repeated transmission of IAVs from humans to swine and subsequent antigenic drift in swine. To understand the evolutionary dynamics of these diverse HA lineages in North(More)
Although numerous RNAs have been detected in the phloem, only a few have been confirmed to move long distances. In potato, full-length mRNA of the BEL1-like transcription factor, StBEL5, moves from leaf veins through the phloem to stolon tips to activate tuber formation. BEL1-like transcription factors are ubiquitous in plants and interact with(More)
Repeated spillovers of the H1N1 pandemic virus (H1N1pdm09) from humans to pigs resulted in substantial evolution of influenza A viruses infecting swine, contributing to the genetic and antigenic diversity of influenza A viruses (IAV) currently circulating in swine. The reassortment with endemic swine viruses and maintenance of some of the H1N1pdm09 internal(More)
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