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Strouhal number (St) corresponds to a wake parameter based on the tail kinematics of swimming animals according to St=A.f/U, where f is the stroke frequency, A is the fin-beat peak-to-peak amplitude, and U is the forward speed. St number is a trade-off between amplitude and frequency that generates a forward velocity. This parameter may therefore be(More)
Biomechanical models are used with force-plate information to determine the center of mass (COM) trajectory during standing. They are usually based on simplifying assumptions and are often limited to a single-plane analysis. The objectives of this study were to present a three-dimensional (3-D) model to calculate the excursion of the COM of the human body,(More)
The use of swim fins has become popular in various water sport activities. While numerous models of swim fin with various innovative shapes have been subjectively designed, the exact influence of the fin characteristics on swimming performance is still much debated, and remains difficult to quantify. To date, the most common approach for evaluating swim fin(More)
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