Brewster Campbell

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In the last decade, increasing attention has focused on the practice of infection control in long-term care facilities. It has become clear that much more data on rates, risk factors, and management of infections in residents of such facilities are needed if the quality of resident care and the cost-effectiveness of infection control programs are to be(More)
To identify procedures employed by publicly funded clinical diagnostic laboratories in the United Kingdom (UK) for the detection of Cryptosporidium in community cases of diarrhoea, a telephone survey was conducted between August 2008 and January 2009 of all such laboratories that test stools from community-based patients. All 200 laboratories responded: 145(More)
Tree holdings at homesteads and in homefields were investigated for two villages in Zimbabwe. Of the households, 90% owned at least one exotic tree. Trees were concentrated at homesteads and conserved indigenous trees tended to be edible fruit trees. Female heads of households (divorcees and widows) had fewer trees than households headed by men. Households(More)
Organizations are composed of people vying with one another for power. Failure to acquire it may result in a limited ability to have an impact on organizational politics, and ultimately can lessen the success of motivating personnel. Therefore, using the power sources described to acquire power and developing strategies to motivate others are essential in(More)
Formal educational programmes for infection control personnel in Canada are limited and most courses have been directed at infection control practitioners (ICPs). Most ICPs report that their preparation comes from in-post training. Although there have been several short, non-credit courses available in the past, the only course available for ICPs at the(More)
The information presented here reflects the activities of those organizations and agencies with the most impact on infection control in Canada. There are, however, numerous other organizations both on a national and provincial level that also play important roles in infection control. Although great strides have been made in infection control in Canada, we(More)