Brett Tillman

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We previously reported the mechanisms involved in the formation of Mallory-Denk bodies (MDBs) in mice fed DDC. To further provide clinical evidence as to how ubiquitin-like protein (Ubls) modification, gene transcript expression in Ufmylation and FATylation were investigated in human archived formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) liver biopsies and(More)
There are many homeostatic mechanisms for coping with stress conditions in cells, including autophagy. In many studies autophagy, as an intracellular pathway which degrades misfolded and damaged protein, and Mallory-Denk Body (MDB) formation have been shown to be protective mechanisms against stress such as alcoholic hepatitis. Alcohol has a significant(More)
This paper documents a new integrating product that allows cross-over between simulation of aerodynamics, dynamic stability and control, structures, propulsion, and store separation. The Kestrel software product is an integrating product written in modular form with a Python infrastructure to allow growth to additional capabilities as needed. Computational(More)
The morphological development and N uptake patterns of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes of Northern European (Nordic) and Pacific Northwest US (PNW) origin were compared under two diurnally fluctuating root temperature regimes in solution culture. The two regimes, 15/5°C and 9/5°C day maximum/night minimum temperatures, simulated soil(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM IL-8 (C-X-L motif chemokine ligase 8) and CXCR2 (C-X-C-motif chemokine receptor 2) are up regulated in alcoholic hepatitis (AH) liver biopsies. One of the consequences is the attraction and chemotactic neutrophilic infiltrate seen at the AH stage of alcoholic liver disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS Human formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded(More)
The most common type of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), affects over 500,000 people in the world. In the present study, liver tumor resections were used to prepare tissue arrays to examine the intensity of fluorescence of IHC stained stem cell markers in liver tissue from malignant HCC tumors and accompanying surrounding non-tumor liver. We(More)
Several research strategies have been used to study the pathogenesis of alcoholic hepatitis (AH). These strategies have shown that various signaling pathways are the target of alcohol in liver cells. However, few have provided specific mechanisms associated with Mallory-Denk Bodies (MDBs) formed in Balloon cells in AH. The formation of MDBs in these(More)