Brett Thiessen

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Thirteen parkinsonian patients drawn from two large parkinsonism clinics experienced hypersexuality as a consequence of anti-parkinsonian therapy. The cases include only those whose sexual behavior on treatment became a concern to the patient's family or a social agency. The majority of patients were men and had a relatively early onset of parkinsonian(More)
We examined forty-eight midbrain sections from normal brains containing SN at the level of the exiting fibers of the IIIrd cranial nerve. The cases were classified into two groups based on at least 80% life exposure to either rural or urban provincial environments, respectively. Linear regression analysis revealed a lower SN neuron count in the rural group(More)
A retrospective review was undertaken of 61 consecutive cases of combined spinal and epidural block for caesarean section during the period from 27.3.1988 to 13.12.1991. It was found that combined spinal and epidural block was sufficient in 90% of the cases. In 10% it was necessary to give intravenous analgetic supplementation. A high frequency of(More)
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