Brett Stevens

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A covering array t-CAðn; k; gÞ is a k n array on a set of g symbols with the property that in each t n subarray, every t 1 column appears at least once. This paper improves many of the best known upper bounds on n for covering arrays, 2-CAðn; k; gÞ with gþ 1 k 2g, for g 1⁄4 3 12 by a construction which in many of these cases produces a 2-CAðn; k; gÞ with n(More)
Complex and natural social interaction between artificial agents (computer-generated or robotic) and humans necessitates the display of rich emotions in order to be believable, socially relevant, and accepted, and to generate the natural emotional responses that humans show in the context of social interaction, such as engagement or empathy. Whereas some(More)
A projection augmented model (PA model) is a type of projection based haptic augmented reality display. It consists of a real physical model, onto which a computer image is projected to create a realistic looking object. Users can physically touch the surface of a PA model with their bare hands, which has clear experiential value for the types of(More)
This paper reports on a study that investigated the effect touching a Projection Augmented model, and interacting with it using a spatially-coincident device, has on the perception of size. It was found that touching increased the accuracy of size estimates, however interaction using a spatially-coincident device did not. 1. Research question