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INTRODUCTION Numerous articles have examined the pattern of traumatic deaths. Most of these studies have aimed to improve trauma care and raise awareness of avoidable complications. The aim of the present review is to evaluate whether the distribution of complications and mortality has changed. MATERIALS AND METHODS A review of the published literature to(More)
Gluteal compartment syndrome is a rare entity, usually caused by direct trauma. This occurrence with sciatic nerve palsy caused by inferior gluteal artery laceration and compressive haematoma has not been reported in the literature. We describe such a case treated successfully by urgent surgical decompression and resolution of the sciatic nerve palsy. A man(More)
To evaluate the evidence for the resuscitation of patients with hip fracture in the preoperative or perioperative phase of their treatment and its impact on mortality. DESIGN We searched MEDLINE, EMBASE, CENTRAL and PROSPERO databases using a systematic search strategy for randomised trials and observational studies investigating the fluid resuscitation(More)
Suicide as a cause of death, affects every health system, and is a particular problem in heavily urbanised states and low and middle income countries (which account for 75% of suicide deaths). The World Health Organisation records that 800000 commit suicide each year, representing 1.4% of annual global deaths, and that suicide was the second leading cause(More)
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