Brett R Fink

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A total of 322 cases of chondroblastoma were referred to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology between 1960 and 1990. Ten additional cases of chondroblastoma were treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center between 1985 and 1993. Forty-two of these involved the foot, two of which were treated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Patients with(More)
The mechanism that folds the epiglottis down over the closed larynx in the course of swallowing has been unclear. Measurements of the force needed to fold the epiglottis in cadaver specimens exceed the estimated force available from the aryepiglottic muscle. Frame-by-frame analysis of cinefluorograms reveals that deglutitional epiglottic downfolding occurs(More)
The mechanisms of persistent differential blocks that accompany subarachnoid and epidural anesthesia are clarified here with the aid of two principles derived from in vitro study of individual myelinated axons: 1) conduction can leap two consecutive blocked nodes but not three, and 2) a fiber length with more than three consecutive nodes bathed by weak(More)
This study sought to evaluate the sensitivity of individual, relatively thick myelinated axons of mammalian nerve to equilibrium conduction block by lidocaine, and to compare this to the incidence of conduction block previously measured in individual thinner myelinated axons. The incidence of conduction block by lidocaine 0.3 and 0.6 mM (8.1-16.2 mg/dl) was(More)