Brett Mensh

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BACKGROUND To make inferences about brain structures or activity across multiple individuals, one first needs to determine the structural correspondences across their image data. We have recently developed Mindboggle as a fully automated, feature-matching approach to assign anatomical labels to cortical structures and activity in human brain MRI data. Label(More)
Persistent neural firing is of fundamental importance to working memory and other brain functions because it allows information to be held "online" following an input and to be integrated over time. Many models of persistent activity rely on some kind of positive feedback internal to the neural circuit concerned; however, too much feedback causes runaway(More)
Although numerous methods to segment brain MRI for extraction of white matter, gray matter and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) have been proposed for the past two decades, little work has been done to evaluate and compare the performance of different segmentation methods on real clinical data sets, especially for CSF. This study focuses on the comparison of the(More)
Case Description A young adult male villager in Madagascar developed painful, perioral swelling over a period of weeks. The stomatitis subsequently evolved into an anesthetic, rapidly expansive, necrotic ulcer with oral incontinence (Figure 1). A period of social instability during the preceding months likely caused malnutrition that resulted in significant(More)
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