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BACKGROUND To make inferences about brain structures or activity across multiple individuals, one first needs to determine the structural correspondences across their image data. We have recently developed Mindboggle as a fully automated, feature-matching approach to assign anatomical labels to cortical structures and activity in human brain MRI data. Label(More)
In an attempt to predict the susceptibility of the cochlea to the harmful influences of excessive sound, the effects of initially exposing the same rabbits to brief pure-tones were related to the subsequent effects of octave-band noise (OBN) exposure using measures of distortion-product otoacoustic emissions (DPOAEs). The pure-tone exposure paradigm(More)
An important issue in understanding the development of noise-induced hearing loss is whether prior acoustic overstimulation alters the susceptibility of the cochlea to further damage. The present work was designed to establish a model of activity-dependent changes in the susceptibility of the cochlea to acoustic overstimulation by regularly exposing the ear(More)
In this preliminary study, four patients suspected of having pulmonary emboli underwent ventilation imaging after inhaling approximately 1 mCi (37 MBq) of Tc-99m Pertechnegas (micro aerosol carbon particles labeled with Tc-99m) in five breaths or less. Planar images in multiple projections were recorded for preset counts. A final posterior image was(More)
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