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Oral melatonin (MEL) can improve daytime sleep, but the hormone's short elimination half-life limits its use as a hypnotic in shift workers and individuals with jet lag or other sleep problems. Here we show, in healthy subjects, that transdermal delivery of MEL during the daytime can elevate plasma MEL and reduce waking after sleep onset, by promoting sleep(More)
A wearable physiological sensor system (PSS) has been built that can be used with a wireless control unit to monitor the physiological status of a mobile user. Two physiological variables, heart rate and respiratory rate, were selected for initial study. The PSS was required to be noninvasive, lightweight, and low-power. Initial studies indicated that heart(More)
This research focuses on the development of wireless communication circuitry for a tactile display called the Tactile Vest. The display consists of a 4x4 array of vibrating motors worn around the user's torso in direct contact with the skin. It allows an operator with a notebook computer to issue navigational commands wirelessly to units in the vicinity and(More)
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