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To allow network researchers to simulate currently deployed networks, ns-3 needs to incorporate as many standard networking technologies as possible. One such technology is TCP CUBIC, the default TCP congestion control algorithm in the Linux kernel and one of the most widely deployed variants of TCP. Despite this prevalence, ns-3 does not natively currently(More)
This research work focuses on the development of a new process for the decontamination of municipal wastes incinerators fly ashes. The objective of this study was to evaluate different total and selective precipitation methods for metals removal from ash decontamination leachates. The tested options include 1) use of hydrated lime and caustic soda for(More)
4G LTE, the new cellular network standard, provides the capacity to support Quality of Service (QoS) for wireless multimedia applications. Recent developments have modified the LTE QoS setup with MAC layer schedulers and changed its current architecture. However, research has yet to examine the effects of the various LTE retransmission choices on QoS. This(More)
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