Brett Knight

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OBJECTIVE To use an automated method to detect tubercle bacilli in sputum specimens. STUDY DESIGN Using fluorescence microscopy, tubercle bacilli were identified on auramine-stained sputum specimens. Images were then captured with a digital camera and enhanced through imaging processing techniques. The bacilli were recognized using neural network(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the correlations between tumor markers (TMs), breast cancer subtypes, site(s) of metastasis and prognosis. METHODS Women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer were included. Breast cancer subtypes were defined as LuminalA, LuminalB, LuminalHer2, Her2, Basal and non-Basal triple negative (TN). Levels of elevation of TM(More)
The incidence of SIDS in western countries has decreased since the late 1980s after active SIDS prevention campaigns. By contrast, both Taiwan and Japan have reported an increase in incidences. In this report data from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Japan and Hong Kong are analysed. Regression coefficient and linearity of regression tests were(More)
Whilst examining the variation with age of the nerve fibre content of the cardiac conduction system (CCS), using an immunocytochemical approach, it became evident that in two sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) cases there was a selective lack of S100 positive nerve fibres in the atrioventricular (AV) node and His bundle. In the present study therefore, the(More)
The estimation of the age of skin bruises is of importance in forensic medicine, especially in child abuse cases. Time-dependent changes in bruise colour and/or associated histological features have been used with a limited degree of success. An increased rate of apoptosis in the injured tissue has been considered as a novel time-dependent marker of cell(More)
Patients with end-stage renal failure are a high-risk group for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and commonly have dyslipidemia as a major factor. Dietary manipulation is the recommended first line of therapy for reducing lipid levels in people with normal renal function; however, complex dietary requirements of dialysis-treated patients with(More)
The effects of social class, season, low temperature and sudden falls in temperature are investigated in 286 cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Cardiff in the years 1955--1974. The association with low temperature was striking: unsuspected hypothermia may be an important feature of these deaths. Sudden infant death incidence was associated with(More)