Brett Gordon

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This paper will provide insight into the current emphasis of research on distance education and e-learning. The review is organized by three intersecting activities. First, we informally collected and reviewed approximately 300 peer-reviewed journals for articles published on distance education and instruction and technology broadly defined [30]. Second, we(More)
Firms can now serve personalized recommendations to consumers who return to their website, based on their earlier browsing history on that website. At the same time, online advertising has greatly advanced in its use of external browsing data across the web to target internet ads. 'Dynamic Retargeting' integrates these two advances, by using information(More)
This paper discusses the role of agents' beliefs and their implications for the economic modeling of their behavior, in particular, their behavior over time. The paper also discusses the corresponding planning problems facing both firms and consumers in their current decision making. After a general discussion of the consumer and firm problem, we discuss(More)
We examine how common techniques used to measure the causal impact of ad exposures on users' conversion outcomes compare to the " gold standard " of a true experiment (randomized controlled trial). Using data from 12 US advertising lift studies at Facebook comprising 435 million user-study observations and 1.4 billion total impressions we contrast the(More)
We explore the effects of television advertising in the setting of the NFL's Super Bowl telecast. The Super Bowl is the largest advertising event of the year and is well suited for measurement. The event has the potential to create significant increases in " brand capital " because ratings average over 40 percent of households and ads are a focal point of(More)
  • Maria Marta Ferreyra, David Albouy, Joe Altonji, Stanislav Anatolyev, Marcus Berliant, Steve Berry +27 others
  • 2014
We develop and estimate a structural equilibrium model of charter school entry and competition. In the model, households choose among charter, public and private schools. We model the entry, exit and relocation of charters as well as the behavior of the regulatory agency that authorizes charter entry and continued operations. The regulator makes decisions(More)
This paper provides a procedural guide for marketing academics interested in applying quasi-experimental methods. We outline the various types of econometric methods, lay out an etiquette, and describe a number of examples of related research by marketing scholars. We discuss three steps: identifying the research question, outlining the identification(More)
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