Brett Fischler

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An explorative analysis of the relationship between symptomatology and cerebral blood flow in the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as assessed with 99mTc HMPAO SPECT scan reveals statistically significant positive correlations between frontal blood flow on the one hand and objectively and subjectively assessed cognitive impairment, self-rating of physical(More)
Gastric distension activates a cerebral network including brainstem, thalamus, insula, perigenual anterior cingulate, cerebellum, ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and potentially somatosensory regions. Cortical deactivations during gastric distension have hardly been reported. To describe brain areas of decreased activity during gastric fundus distension(More)
A structured psychiatric interview, forming part of a global psychopathological approach, revealed higher prevalence rates of current and lifetime psychiatric disorders and a higher degree of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) than in a medical control group. In contrast to previous studies, a very high prevalence of(More)
Polysomnographic findings were compared between a group of patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS; n = 49) and a matched healthy control (HC) group (n = 20). Sleep initiation and sleep maintenance disturbances were observed in the CFS group. The percentage of stage 4 was significantly lower in the CFS group. A discriminant analysis allowed a high(More)
In this study a battery of attentional tests and a verbal memory task were administered to outpatients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in order to evaluate aspects of attention that have not been explored in this group to date. In addition, this study was designed to further examine memory function and to extend the few reports investigating the rate of(More)
Former neuropsychological studies with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients evaluated a broad range of cognitive functions. Several, but not all, reported subtle attentional and memory impairments suggesting possible mild cerebral involvement. In this study, a battery of attentional tests and a verbal memory task were administered to 20 CFS patients and(More)
A comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests was administered to 35 outpatients suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). They were compared to 33 normal controls matched for age, gender, intelligence, and education. The patients displayed psychomotor slowing and impaired attention. The learning rate of verbal and visual material for patients(More)
The relationship between chronic professional stress in nurses and immunity as well as the possible impact of psychopathology upon this relationship have been examined. Sixty subjects were selected on the basis of high/low scores on professional stress and psychopathology. Chronic professional stress appeared to be associated with immune dysfunction(More)
There is increasing evidence for involvement of the immune system in functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGID), including onset after acute gastrointestinal infections, genotypes resulting in altered cytokine expression and abnormal presence of immune cells. Our aim was to assess cellular and humoral immune responses in (i) FGIDs, compared to healthy(More)
Physical fatigability and avoidance of physically demanding tasks in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) were assessed by the achievement or nonachievement of 85% of age-predicted maximal heart rate (target heart rate, THR) during incremental exercise. The association with functional status impairment, somatization, and psychopathology was examined. A(More)