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For many years, a number of laboratories have been working on the applications of very low field NMR. In 1985, our laboratory presented the first NMR images using the earth's magnetic field. However, the use of this technique was limited by the weakness of the signal and the disturbing effects of the environment on the signal-to-noise ratio and on the(More)
Vikings quarterback Brett Favre has struggled with the decision to retire, but he may need to worry about his financial skills, too. (Getty Images) Aging athletes can wistfully point the time when their aches and pains overwhelmed the advantages of experience they'd accumulated over the years. It turns out that something similar happens with financial(More)
In magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, knowledge of the magnetic field gradient behavior is very important. This work describes a simple way to characterize the temporal and spatial dependence of the main magnetic field when a gradient is switched. Records are performed with a home-built magnetometer. This device is controlled by a personal(More)
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