Brett D. Thackray

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A method for measuring the spatial concentration of specific categories of vessels in a vascular network consisting of vessels of several diameters, lengths, and orientations is demonstrated. It is shown that a combination of the mathematical morphology operation, opening, with a linear rotating structuring element (ROSE) and dual feature thresholding can(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE One of the proposed mechanisms for sudden expansion of a carotid bifurcation plaque is hemorrhage within the lesion. It has been postulated that the sudden increase in plaque size will acutely reduce blood flow to the ipsilateral hemisphere and induce either a transient ischemic attack or a stroke. In this study, the relation between(More)
Plasmonics has established itself as a branch of physics which promises to revolutionize data processing, improve photovoltaics, and increase sensitivity of bio-detection. A widespread use of plasmonic devices is notably hindered by high losses and the absence of stable and inexpensive metal films suitable for plasmonic applications. To this end, there has(More)
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