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Intracranial volume comparisons of patients with craniosynostosis and normal have been contrary to expectations, leading to questioning of the validity of the current normal reference material. Computed tomography-determined intracranial volume is presented for a white normal population. Specifically, intracranial volumes for 157 subjects (82 female and 75(More)
This study examines the regional and temporal differences in the statistical relationship between national-level carbon dioxide emissions and national-level population size. The authors analyze panel data from 1960 to 2005 for a diverse sample of nations, and employ descriptive statistics and rigorous panel regression modeling techniques. Initial(More)
The vague, yet undoubtedly desirable, notion of sustainability has been discussed and debated by many natural and social scientists. We argue that mainstream conceptions of sustainability, and the related concept of sustainable development, are mired in a " pre-analytic vision " that naturalizes capitalist social relations, closes off important questions(More)
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