Brett Clark

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Solid assembly meshing has all of the same " dirty geometry " induced issues as single part meshing but also has the difficulty associated with generating a confor-mal mesh between solids where solid-solid interfaces are not obvious. Mesh generators usually don't have CAD assembly constraint information to identify interfacing solids and must therefore rely(More)
This study examines the regional and temporal differences in the statistical relationship between national-level carbon dioxide emissions and national-level population size. The authors analyze panel data from 1960 to 2005 for a diverse sample of nations, and employ descriptive statistics and rigorous panel regression modeling techniques. Initial(More)
The Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing (ITEM) is a wizard-like environment, built on top of the CUBIT Geometry and Meshing Toolkit. ITEM is focused on three main objectives: 1) guiding the user through the simulation model preparation workflow; 2) providing the user with intelligent options based upon the current state of the model; and 3) where(More)
Preparing Computer Aided Design models for successful mesh generation continues to be a crucial part of the design to analysis process. A common problem in CAD models is features that are very small compared to the desired mesh size. Small features exist for a variety of reasons and can require an excessive amount of elements or inhibit mesh generation all(More)
A customized vertical wind tunnel has been built by the University of Canterbury Rocketry group (UC Rocketry). This wind tunnel has been critical for the success of UC Rocketry as it allows the optimization of avionics and control systems before flight. This paper outlines the construction of the wind tunnel and includes an analysis of flow quality(More)
The vague, yet undoubtedly desirable, notion of sustainability has been discussed and debated by many natural and social scientists. We argue that mainstream conceptions of sustainability, and the related concept of sustainable development, are mired in a " pre-analytic vision " that naturalizes capitalist social relations, closes off important questions(More)
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