Brett Borchardt

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Since pulsed low-intensity ultrasound (frequency: 1.5 MHz, pulsed by 1 kHz, signal burst width: 200 microseconds, intensity: 30 mW/cm2) has been proven to stimulate fracture healing both clinically and experimentally, our question was whether this therapy also accelerates healing of fresh stable scaphoid fractures. Addressing this question, we did the(More)
Much research in Optimality Theory (OT) (Prince & Smolensky 1993) accounts for allomorphy in terms of the well-formedness of the output. Allomorph distribution has been shown to be determined by phonological factors, such as stress (Antilla 1997, Drachman et. al 1995, Kager 1996, Mester 1994), syllable structure (Bonet 2004, Hargus & Tuttle 1997, oubowicz(More)
Dupuytren's contracture is a disease of the connective tissue, especially of the palmar side of the hand. Today, by means of electron microscopy and histochemistry, several alternations specific of pathology of the disease can be shown, providing a better understanding. However, a revolutionary change of treatment is far out of reach. Dupuytren's diathesis(More)
The continuous extension of Dupuytren's contracture prior to aponeurectomy in severe cases, introduced by Messina, is presented. This technique demonstrates the possibility of reversing contractures; it simplifies the surgical treatment thereafter and avoids difficulties in blood circulation and sensibility. First results in ten patients are presented.
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