Brett Beeson

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We describe the first distributed-data implementation of the perspective shear-warp volume rendering algorithm, and explore its applications to large astronomical data cubes and simulation realisations. Our system distributes sub-volumes of 3-dimensional images to leaf nodes of a Beowulf-class cluster, where the rendering takes place. Junction nodes(More)
A new portal for running scientific numerical codes on the grid is presented. Particular emphasis is placed on portlet reusability and portability. We find that the JSR-168 standard is adequate for creating portable single portlets. For portals consisting on many portlets we present a simple, portable communication system. For grid-based portlets, coupling(More)
This paper presents the motivation for development and implementation of a computational portal for the processing of astrophysical and high energy physics data on global Grids. The requirements for the portal, its design, and choices leading to the utilisation of Globus, Gridbus Broker and GridSphere as the middleware, resource broker and portal framework(More)
This paper presents the Australian BioGrid Portal that aims to provide the biotechnology sector in Australia with ready access to technologies that enable them to perform drug-lead exploration in an efficient and inexpensive manner on national and international computing Grids. Access will be provided to docking applications and a wide variety of chemical(More)
Server-side visualisation systems comprise of a thin client connected to a rendering service located on the data server. We present a systematic and quantitative method for evaluating server-side visualisation systems. We evaluate the fundamental limitations of such systems in relation to network performance. Using these results we benchmark four common(More)
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