Brett A. Peters

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The Extend simulation environment provides an integrated structure for building simulation models and developing new simulation tools. This environment supports simulation modelers on a wide range of levels. Model builders can use Extend’s pre-built modeling components to quickly build and analyze systems without programming. Simulation tool developers can(More)
This paper describes a flexible simulation technique which facilitates automated experimentation of different scheduling rules. An enhanced version of Arena/SIMAN is used to develop an extremely high fidelity model of the manufacturing system. The decision making of an FMS is characterized and a framework for simulation-based scheduling and control is also(More)
This paper presents a case study application of a cancer treatment center facility. A simulation model was created and integrated to a multi-objective optimization heuristic developed by the authors with the purpose of finding the best combination of control variables that optimize the performance of four different objectives related to the system. The(More)
In this paper we discuss verification and validation of simulation models. The different approaches to deciding model validity are described, two different paradigms that relate verification and validation to the model development process are presented, the use of graphical data statistical references for operational validity is discussed, and a recommended(More)
This paper considers the operation of component placement equipment for the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a medium volume, medium variety manufacturing environment. It focuses on the setup management and operational planning issues associated with productive use of these expensive resources. The concept of replanning is introduced to adapt to(More)
Healthcare management operates in an environment of aggressive pricing, tough competition, and rapidly changing guidelines. Computer simulation models are increasingly used by large healthcare institutions to meet these challenges. However, small healthcare facilities serving the poor are equally in need of meeting these challenges but lack the finances and(More)
This paper develops a new mathematical model that integrates layout design and production planning to prescribe efficient multi-bay manufacturing facilities. The model addresses the need to distribute department replicas throughout the facility and extends the use of product and process requirements as problem parameters in order to increase process routing(More)