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The oestrogen receptor-a (ERa) plays a key role in breast development and tumorigenesis and inhibiting its activity remains a prime strategy in the treatment of ERa-positive breast cancers. Thus, elucidation of the molecular mechanisms responsible for regulating ERa activity may facilitate the design of new, more effective breast cancer therapies. The(More)
Services delivered from satellites in the near-Earth space environment are under threat from orbiting space debris from over 50 years of space operations. Computational modelling studies have shown that even under optimistic mitigation scenarios remediation is necessary to curb the growth. In fact, certain regions of the low-Earth orbit are already(More)
The multi-million-dollar Australian Space Research Program (ASRP) Project – " Platform Technologies for Space Atmosphere and Climate " was awarded to a consortium led by RMIT University in 2010. This benchmark geospatial research forms an important part of the Australian Government's recent space-related initiatives to support national strategic, economic(More)
(2010). New image processing software for analyzing object size-frequency distributions, geometry, orientation, and spatial distribution. (2010). Lithic clasts in the CB/CH-like carbonaceous chondrites Isheyevo: diverse origins of unsampled parent bodies. (2010). New insight into lunar impact melt mobility from the LRO camera. (2010). Radiative transfer(More)
This study used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to identify two types of college students who differed in preferred perceptual processes, with one group strongly preferring the use of sense impressions (sensing types), and the other preferring the use of unconscious associations (intuitive types) in becoming aware of phenomena. All subjects then(More)
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