Brett A. Barker

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This paper presents a genetic-algorithm driven, cognitive radio decision engine that determines the optimal radio transmission parameters for single and multicarrier systems. Determining the appropriate radio parameters given a dynamic wireless channel environment is the primary feature of cognitive radios for wireless communication systems. Genetic(More)
In this paper, we present the details of a portable, powerful, and flexible software-defined radio development platform called the Kansas University Agile Radio (KUAR). The primary purpose of the KUAR is to enable advanced research in the areas of wireless radio networks, dynamic spectrum access, and cognitive radios. The KUAR hardware implementation and(More)
Cognition is a high level mental faculty of the brain that includes functions like adaptation, learning, deciding, and others. Accordingly, a Cognitive Radio must have capabilities that mimic such Cognitive functions. As one of the fundamental cognitive abilities of the radio, this paper proposes a novel adaptation method; which uses Real-coded Genetic(More)
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