Bretislav Sevcik

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In this paper, we describe the application of adaptive pulse-width modulated (PWM) pre-emphasis to the equalization of higher-order copper channels. This method provides an alternative to FIR pre-emphasis with advantages in the light of developments in modern CMOS scaling. However additional high-frequency noise which is typical for strong PWM pre-emphasis(More)
Easy tunable oscillator based on current amplifier and diamond transistors with buffers is presented in the paper. Electronic adjusting of oscillation frequency is easy possible due to controllable current gain of used current amplifier. All capacitors of the oscillator are grounded. The characteristic equation, condition of the oscillation and parasitic(More)
Controllable oscillator based on adjustable current active elements and voltage buffer is presented in the paper. Signal flow graph method employing lossless and lossy integrator synthesis and nonstandard approach for adjusting of oscillation condition based on controllable current feedback are used. The work is focused on analysis of parasitic influences(More)
Histological and morphometrical examinations were made to investigate the explants of yellow bodies in four gravid cows slaughtered the seventh day after PMSG superovulation and after artificial insemination. The medium of luteal tissue explants was added the test substance 15-glycal cloprostenol at doses of 2.5; 25 and 250 micrograms per ml of the medium.(More)
The preparation Chronicin solutio ad usum vet. (SPOFA) (a 15% solution of CHF-base in propylene glycol) is to be orally administered to poultry in drinking water. The recommended doses (5 ml per 1 of water in chickens and turkey-poults and 3 ml per 1 of water in ducklings) produce, in the blood serum, CHF concentrations which act bacteriostatically on(More)