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As part of a follow-up and family study of post-partum psychoses, this episode of illness being the first leading to psychiatric hospitalisation, patients with puerperal episodes (PE) and nonpuerperal episodes (NPE) of illness in the long-term course (n=79) were compared to patients with PE only (n=40). Few differences were found. Relatives of patients with(More)
A group of 119 patients suffering from a severe psychiatric postpartum disorder who were admitted for the first time in their life to a psychiatric hospital has been investigated. The onset of illness occurred within 3 months following delivery. The patients represented 92% of the total sample fulfilling the inclusion criteria. A follow-up investigation was(More)
The pathophysiologic disturbance observed in volume-resuscitated patients with septic shock is primarily that of hyperdynamic circulation with a markedly reduced systemic vascular resistance. We hypothesized that external, mechanically applied, phasic lower body positive pressure could increase systemic vascular resistance and, thus, blood pressure in(More)
This study was designed to determine if providing wheat, corn, and rice as whole (WG) or refined grains (RG) under free-living conditions will change parameters of health over a six-week intervention in healthy, habitual non-WG consumers. Measurements of body composition, fecal microbiota, fasting blood glucose, total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein(More)
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