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BACKGROUND Previous studies have demonstrated that adverse events occur during chiropractic treatment. However, because of these studies design we do not know the frequency and extent of these events when compared to sham treatment. The principal aims of this study are to establish the frequency and severity of adverse effects from short term usual(More)
Total scores on the recently developed Screening Test from the Test of Syntactic Abilities for 382 hearing-impaired subjects between eight and 19 years and in various educational programs were found to be significantly related to hearing threshold level, number of multiple handicaps, age, educational setting, method of communication, and hearing aid usage.(More)
Statistical modelling and inference for a single-ion channel have principally been carried out using finite-state space continuous-time Markov chains. Statistical inferences for the closed and open dwell times and the kinetic rate constants between states have then been arrived at via maximum likelihood methods, including the use of the EM algorithm. The(More)
To attain the collapse of a diseased lung, wholly or partially, temporarily or permanently, is now an accepted aim in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. The object of the treatment is twofold. By collapsing the lung, healing is promoted by rest and the circulatory changes which collapse entails. The release of toxins and possibly also of living(More)
In this paper we derive an asymptotic normality result for an adaptive trimmed likelihood estimator of regression starting from initial high breakdownpoint robust regression estimates. The approach leads to quickly and easily computed robust and efficient estimates for regression. A highlight of the method is that it tends automatically in one algorithm to(More)
Essential oils are being investigated as potential herbicides or to provide leads to new environmentally and socially acceptable herbicides. Novel hydroxy and ester derivatives of 1,8-cineole and 1,4-cineole were synthesised, by chemical and biological methods, and have shown pre-emergence herbicidal activity against annual ryegrass and radish. Effects on(More)
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