Brenton Partridge

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Typical synthesizers only provide controls to the low-level parameters of sound-synthesis, such as wave-shapes or filter envelopes. In contrast, composers often want to adjust and express higher-level qualities, such as how "scary" or "steady" sounds are perceived to be. We develop a system which allows users to directly control abstract, high-level(More)
There is often a mismatch between the high-level goals an artist wants to express and what the parameters of a synthesizer allow them to control. To enable composers to directly adjust personalized high-level qualities during sound synthesis, our system actively learns functions that map from the space of synthesizer control parameters to perceived levels(More)
In the present study, 72 juvenile offenders and 24 high school boys with no criminal history were tested on how accurately they could estimate the passage of 15-, 30-, 60-, and 120 sec. periods of time. Hypotheses predicted significant differences between the accuracy of time estimations by juvenile offenders and high school students across and among all(More)
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