Brenton C. Peters

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This paper addresses the problem of obtaining numerically maximum-likelihood estimates of the parameters for a mixture of normal distributions. In recent literature, a certain successive-approximations procedure, based on the likelihood equations, was shown empirically to be effective in numerically approximating such maximum-likelihood estimates; however,(More)
In this note, we give necessary and sufficient conditions for a maximum-likelihood estimate of a subset of the proportions in a mixture of specified distributions. From these conditions, we derive likelihood equations satisfied by the maximum-likelihood estimate and discuss a successive-approximations procedure suggested by these equations for numerically(More)
Four field trials were conducted with wood modified with dimethyloldihydroxy-ethyleneurea (DMDHEU) in contact with subterranean termites. Trials 1 to 3 were conducted with Coptotermes acinaciformis (Froggatt); 1 and 2 in south-east Queensland, and 3 in northern Queensland, Australia. Trial 4 was conducted in northern Queensland with Mastotermes darwiniensis(More)
Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood was treated with quat-silicone micro-emulsion (<40 nm), amino-silicone macro-emulsion (110 nm), alkyl-modified silicone macro-emulsion (740 nm) and solutions of inorganic water glass. Three treatment concentrations of 5, 15 and 30% (w/w) were used for the impregnation of the test specimens. Termite resistance was(More)
Two aspects of the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System (Ensystex, Fayetteville, NC) were evaluated in a field experiment using 13 termite mounds near Townsville, Australia. First, a cellulose-acetate powder containing either 0.05% wt:wt or 0.25% wt:wt chlorfluazuron (Requiem, Ensystex, Fayetteville, NC) was tested for its efficacy in eliminating(More)
Laboratory and field data reported in the literature are confusing with regard to "adequate" protection thresholds for borate timber preservatives. The confusion is compounded by differences in termite species, timber species and test methodology. Laboratory data indicate a borate retention of 0.5% mass/mass (m/m) boric acid equivalent (BAE) would cause >(More)
A pesticide delivery system made of biocompatible components and having sustained release properties is highly desirable for agricultural applications. In this study, we report a new biocompatible oil-core silica-shell nanocapsule for sustained release of fipronil insecticide. Silica nanocapsules were prepared by a recently reported emulsion and biomimetic(More)
This correspondence is about a Gibbs-Markov random field (GMRF) parameter estimation technique proposed by Derin and Elliott. We will refer to this technique as the histogramming (H) method. First, the relation of the H method to the (conditional) maximum likelihood (ML) method is considered. Second, a bias-reduction based modification of the H method is(More)
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